Christmas is for Kids - Brookfield Children's Choir
Simons and Cameron-We All Love Santa's Reindeer

"Christmas is for Kids" has played across the country on radio and TV. The fun song was the subject of several newspaper articles, and an ABC TV News story just before Christmas. The traditional sounding single features Broadway singer Gary Douglas on vocals and world-renowned saxophone player, Billy Slais, on tenor sax (Billy played with Jefferson Starship and Elvin Bishop). The soon-to-be holiday classic also spotlights the Brookfield Children's Choir of Reno, Nevada on background vocals.

"We All Love Santa's Reindeer" is the latest Simons & Cameron Christmas song and also features Gary and Billy. This catchy, crazy tune tells us what Santa's reindeer are doing when they aren't pulling the Jolly Toy-man's sleigh through the night sky. Simons & Cameron again goes for the old-time feel with some new twists and turns. Both songs are being marketed to radio and television and are available on iTunes and

You can listen to samples of the new Holiday songs below:

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Christmas is for Kids


We All Love Santa's Reindeer


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